Early Orthodontic Treatment is a revolutionary approach to childrens health and orthodontics.

Your child can be evaluated from as early as birth.

Dr. Cary Fraser will look for causes that contribute to crooked teeth and address them before they become a problem. He uses unique methods to remove bad influences that will effect your child’s dental and facial development as well as have a holistic effect on the entire body.

If your child commences early orthodontic treatment with Dr Fraser, he will help locate and correct the cause of their orthodontic problems. He will help your child to develop a better proportioned face, whilst improving overall health, and achieving  their full growth potential often without need for braces in the future.

Dr. Cary Fraser is skilled in and will utilise the below:

  • Myofunctional Therapy
  • Myobrace System
  • Orthotropics
  • Breathing Retraining
  • Developing Good Nutrition Habits
  • Improving Airway Health
  • Postural Correction

Contact us today at (02) 9363 3388 to request additional information or to make an appointment. Together, we will explore your options and help your child get the confident smile they deserve.