Dr Cary Fraser’s Teeth Whitening Special Report Reveals

The dark side of teeth whitening!

How a loophole that makes an ‘illegal activity’… TOTALLY LEGAL
puts you at unnecessary risk

Many beauty technicians are carrying out potentially risky teeth whitening treatments without proper training.

These non-licensed and ill-trained vendors in shopping malls, tanning salons, chemists and beauty centres lack the academic education that a qualified dentist possesses to be able to conduct teeth whitening procedures safely and professionally.

Teeth whitening procedures carry very few risks in the hands of an experienced dentist, however, if carried out by a nonprofessional the treatment can present serious risks.

Without any proper formal dentistry training, unlicensed kiosk staff assert that they’re not doing anything illegal…

A loophole that makes ‘illegal activity’… LEGAL!

The loophole that allows shopping mall kiosks, beauty and tanning salons to offer teeth whitening is that since employees do not place the product in the patient’s mouth, they make sure the patients insert the bleaching product themselves which circumvents the dental profession’s strict standards for dental care.

In other words, if anything goes wrong – IT’S YOUR FAULT!

What you may not know is that teeth whitening/bleaching agents used by many of those facilities consists of higher (often DANGEROUS!) strength chemicals that are not considered as a safe dose by experienced cosmetic dentists who are held to a much higher level of safety and patient care.

Bleaching agents used inside of kiosks or salons can cause permanent damage or corrosion to teeth that is often irreversible.Responsible dentists, on the other hand, understand the risk, know how to minimise it and will only use a safe dose for your treatment.

I have written a special report that has been published to alert you to these little-known dangers, make you aware of safer teeth whitening solutions and help you make an informed decision when seeking teeth whitening services.

This eye-opening special report is available cost free,
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Inside this revealing report you will learn:

  • The alarming side effects that will make your teeth chatter – and how to ensure you and your family are protected!
  • How inexperienced applicators could cause a permanent burning sensation and tissue damage in your mouth.
  • The HIDDEN TRUTH those bright and breezy ‘makeover specialists’ are not telling you.
  • Why bleaching chemicals used in most teeth whitening solutions are not considered as a safe dose by qualified professional dentists.
  • The only teeth whitening products that are approved by the Australian Dental Association and thus ‘regulated’.
  • The clever marketing conspiracy that hides the truth from innocent and misinformed consumers.
  • The ONLY component that is considered acceptable for teeth whitening solutions.
  • The Dental Board of Australia’s new policy that you must read before setting an appointment at the nearest teeth bleaching kiosk!
  • Why celebrities don’t simply bleach their teeth and WHAT they do to flash their pearly whites on the red carpet!
  • What you should know if you’ve had previous dental work done BEFORE undergoing any teeth whitening procedure.
  • How to identify the safest options available to whitening your teeth.