Get a celebrity smile with a snap! Now You Can Have the Julia Roberts, Halle Berry, Or Denzel Washington Smile… Without Spending $25,000-40,000 On Expensive Crowns And Veneers!
Finally, you can get the smile you’ve always wanted!

Imagine a prefect smile with no dental work … no bleaching … no metal braces … no drilling … and no pain!

That’s exactly what Snap-On Smile™ could offer you… even if your teeth look really bad.

Snap-On Smile™ is the NEW, ground-breaking breakthrough technology that can give you a flashy ‘red-carpet’ smile in just two painless dental visits.

It’s the fastest, most affordable smile makeover…
that people with ordinary budgets can afford!
Bay Dental and Orthodontics brings you the latest innovative treatment called Snap-On Smile™ which is a simple solution to help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. And it can put s a little Hollywood’s magical sparkle into your mouth!

Dr. Cary Fraser can easily and instantly transform your ordinary smile into to an extraordinary smile with Snap-On Smile™ – which literally snaps on anytime you need a prefect smile – instantly!

Envy Julia Roberts’ flashy smile? You can have it!

What about Halle Berry’s perfect pearly whites? You can have that too!

Feel intimidated by Denzel Washington’s or George Clooney’s toothy grin?

Now Bay Dental and Orthodontics CAN GIVE YOU THAT TOO… with Snap-On Smile™!

This new, cosmetic alternative is custom-fitted to your teeth and made from a super tough and sturdy, yet ultra thin, new resin that won’t fade or discolour.

Using this ground-breaking technology, Dr. Cary Fraser can choose the exact shape, size and colour of your new teeth!

It’s thin. Looks natural – it fits right over your own teeth to give you a beautiful, natural looking smile. You can talk clearly and chomp your food without the need to take it off. And it’s very easy to care for!

BEFORE Snap-On Smile™

AFTER Snap On Smile

Bay Dental and Orthodontics can help you achieve a natural looking smile with Snap-On Smile™! Even if you have stains, chips, gaps, missing or otherwise ‘imperfect’ teeth.

If you’re looking for a non-invasive and affordable approach to the expensive restorative and cosmetic dentistry then Snap-On Smile™ could help you feel better, look better and interact with friends, colleagues, and customers with a renewed sense of confidence.

Snap-On Smile™ Sample Mould – you won’t believe how thin it looks! (In fact, Dr, Cary Fraser, who is President and master senior instructor of the International Association Of Orthodontics (IAO), President of The Australasian Association of Orofacial Orthopaedics (AAOO), and a member of Diplomate International Board of Orthodontics and Myofunctional Therapy Association of America (MTAA) …. promises that during his long 32-year career as a professional and highly-distinguished dentists he hasn’t seen anything like it!)

This revolutionary appliance is the ideal solution serves as both a non-invasive restorative option as well as a diagnostic appliance – it ‘hides’ the imperfections making you look healthy and successful.

Snap-On Smile is QUICK, EASY and PAINLESS to snap into place

Experts believe that it can be used as a vehicle for increasing facial height (vertical dimension), as cosmetic removable partial dentures, and even as a long-term smile enhancement.

Look like a million dollars
on your important (wedding) day or (business) event!
If you have a wedding, interview, a corporate event or presentation you want to look your best and now this new technology will help you look your absolute best by making your crowded, crooked, dull and/or stained teeth literally ‘invisible’.

It’s just snaps-on … it’s removable … it looks and feels like the perfect smile you always wished you had!

Most importantly, the dental procedure needed to produce your Snap-On Smile™ is fast and totally painless…

Dr. Cary Fraser, at Bay Dental and Orthodontics will simply take an impression of your teeth so you can choose the precise shape and shade that you want. The impression will be sent to the lab and moulded. You can snap on your perfect smile in less than 2 visits!

Imagine having the big, perfectly-shaped and ultra white teeth you always wished you were born with at just a fraction of full dental restorative work.

Now Bay Dental and Orthodontics can help you share the smile of high-profile and high-rolling actors and celebrities … they can afford it. Now, with Snap-On Smile™, you can too!

Not happy with your smile?

Bay Dental & Orthodontics can easily change that with Snap-On Smile™!

This Gentleman came in wanting to create a nice smile quickly and inexpensively as he was getting married very soon.
We created a Snap On Smile which made him and his wife very happy.

The photos at wedding came out very well.

Most people don’t smile in photos. Want to know why? They are scared that others will notice their less-than-perfect teeth.

Many people are unhappy with their smile because their teeth are discoloured, missing, crooked or chipped.

That’s why so many people cover their mouth when talking to others… they are simply embarrassed and try to conceal their imperfect teeth.

Just check out your wedding or family photos…

When they do smile, their smile looks like a baby bunny sniffing a little flower. It’s a ‘teeny smile’ because a big smile would make them feel embarrassed.

With Snap-On Smile™ you don’t have to be self-conscious about your smile anymore. It will help you to mix with other people at social events and networking functions, especially at close proximity, with total confidence.

Maybe you have good teeth but you want a new ‘fresh’ look or you’re concerned that too much gum is showing when you smile.

Whatever your reasons, getting a Snap-On Smile™ at Bay Dental and Orthodontics could fix them!

Snap-On Smile™ can give you the ‘perfect’ smile you’ve always wanted at a fraction of the cost of getting porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns.

Snap-On Smile™ is removable. It’s quick to put on and comes off without any hassle. It’s very comfortable to wear without a lisp.

Bay Dental and Orthodontics can help you keep those stains, chips, gaps or missing teeth CONCEALED and out of sight – using the revolutionary Snap-On Smile™ technology – helping you look hot and sexy every time you need to make a good first impression.

Snap-On Smile™ fits right over your own teeth to give you a beautiful, natural-looking smile. It’s a great solution for you if you need, but are hesitant to commit to more ‘involved’ restorative treatment.

Snap-On Smile™ can give you back the confidence to smile!

At Bay Dental and Orthodontics we strive to bring you the latest innovative treatments like this. However, ‘snap-on’ teeth are not for everyone… that’s why I recommend you book a no-obligation personal consultation to find out whether Snap-On Smile™ is right for you.

Snap-On Smile™ – The perfect smile that costs less!

  • Get the smile you’ve always wanted in just two painless dental visits.
  • No bleaching … no metal braces … no drilling … and no pain!
  • You can choose the exact shape, size and colour of your new teeth!
  • It literally snaps on anytime you need a prefect smile – instantly!
  • Custom-fitted to your teeth and made from a super tough and sturdy, yet ultra thin, resin that won’t fade or discolour.
  • It’s thin.
  • It looks natural, no one will know you’re wearing it.
  • You can talk clearly and eat your food without taking it off.
  • It’s very easy to care for!
  • Makes your crowded, crooked, dull and/or stained teeth ‘invisible’.
  • Connect with people and smile in photos with confidence!
  • Costs a fraction of porcelain veneers or porcelain crowns.
  • Look your best and make that all important good first impression.
  • Start networking and mingling in social settings without being self-conscious or timid.


This ground-breaking technology was invented by was invented by a dentist who realised not everyone can afford several thousand dollars to get a Hollywood smile make-over. Yet, MANY people should want the cheaper alternative… it proves that he was right! Today, thousands of people worldwide have already experienced the life-changing benefits of Snap-On Smile™ … and most are impressed with the natural look and feel of Snap-On Smile™

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